Wall of Honor

In May, 2002 Marquette Sawyer Regional Airport’s Marquette County Aviation Wall of Honor was dedicated, along with Kelly Johnson Memorial Drive, named in honor of aviation engineer Clarence “Kelly” Johnson.

It is our privilege to bring distinction and recognition to those individuals that deserve the honor to be displayed upon this wall.  Thank you from the residents of Marquette County.

Decorations and AwardsDecorations and Awards
Antilla, ErwinErwin Antilla
Backes, George M.George Backes
Barnum, EltonElton Barnum
Beauchamp, Bobb A. Bobb Beauchamp
Bennett, George CollinCollin Bennett
Benson, Arthur BernardArthur Bernard Benson
Benstrom, DanielDaniel Benstom
Bergdahl, David NormanDavid Norman Bergdahl
Bergdahl, Paul JohnPaul John Bergdahl
Bergstrom, Ralph
Berube, Thomas WilliamThomas William Berube
Bostrom, CarlCarl O Bostrom
Bjork, Mildred Hill
Carpenter, Elizabeth McQuadeElizabeth McQuade Carpenter
Delongchamp, DeanDean Delongchamp
Dixon, Jack Joseph Jack (John) Joseph Dixon
Drury, Alfred C. Alfred Drury
Eastman, Loren S.Loren S Eastman
Elder, Leonard
Erickson, Robert Robert Erickson
Fletcher Jr., Roy WilliamWilliam Fletcher Jr
Fleury, EmersonEmerson Fleury
Foard, Blake L.Blake Foard
Ford, Mary Zerbel HooperMary Zerbal Hooper Ford
Frazier, Peter WhitePeter White Frazier
Garczynski, Frank B.
Garrett, William GeorgeWilliam George garrett
Gilbert, Maurice Maurice Gilbert
Girard, Gregory
Gray, William W.William W Gray
Hager, George W. George W. Hagar
Haines, Hartley Hartley Haines
Hallen, CarlCarl Hallen
Hannula, Ralph E.Ralph Hannula
Hansen, Roy OlafOlaf Hansen
Hartwig, James R. James Hartwig
Harvey, Richard R. Richard Harvey
Hascall, John John Hascall
Hatch, Charles K.Charles Hatch
Heinonen, Lloyd W.Lloyd Heinonen
Hemmila, Arvid Arvid Hemmila
Hetherington, Francis F Francis Hetherington
Hockin, Robert A. Robert A Hockin
Howe, Dan Orford Dan Orford Howe
Isaacson, Arthur Waino Arthur Waino Isaacson
Isaacson, Everett L. Everett L Isaacson
Johnson, Clarence KellyClarence Kelly Johnson
Johnson, Eddie
Johnson, George
Johnson, Oscar G. Oscar G Johnson Jr.
Jokela, Albert Albert Jokela
Kanney, JamesJames Kanney
Kauppila, John E. John E Kauppila
Kauppila, Ronald P. Ronald Paul Kauppila
Kaurala, Emil John Emil John Kaurala
Kemp, Michael Michael Kemp
Ketola, Rudolph O. Rudolph O Ketola
Kiiskila, Donald LeonardDonald Leonard Kiiskila
Kincaid, Vance L. Vance L Kincaid
King, William James L. Wm James L King
Koski, Arthur J. Aurthur Koski
Kukuk, Norman Edward Norman Edward (Boots) Kakuk
LaFave, Richard
LaVigne, Eugene Eugene LaVigne
Lehtinen Jr., Tom Tom Laitenen, Jr.
Lehtinen, Andrew Henry
Lehtonen, James Ronald James Ronald Lehtonen
Lodholz, Royce Paul Royce Paul Lodholz
Loewecke, William F. William E. Loewecke
Long, Stanley A. Stanley A. Long
Lutey, Warren P. Warren P. Lutey
Madden, Jr., Royal G. Royal G Madden Jr
Magoon, Clarence
Magoon, Norman
Maki, Richard
Richard Maki
Mallgren, Anthony Keith Anthony Keith Mallgren
McCarthy, Dennis Dennis McCarthy
McDonald, William Charles William Charles McDonald
Michelini, James
Moore, Robert E. Robert E Moore
Morin, Kenneth N. Kenneth N Morin
Mukkala, Benjamin C. Benjamin Mukala
Niemi, Martin R. Martin R Niemi
Niemi, Reino RoyReino Roy Niemi
Nurkala, Albert John Albert John Nurkala
Olson, William A.
Parent, Luke R. Luke R Parent
Pellow, John Kenneth John Kenneth Pellow
Peterson, Hebert
Peterson, Julius Julius Bert Peterson
Phillips, Robert Robert Phillips
Royce, Ralph Ralph Royce
Russell, Leroy Leroy Rusty Russell
Rutherford, Harvey N. Harvy N Rutherford
Ryan, Lawrence FrancisLawrence Francis Ryan
Salmi, George Edwin George Edwin Salmi
Sayen, Clarence L.Clarence L Clancy Sayen
Schneider, Jack J. Jack Schneider
Sharland, Robert
Shimanek, RobertRobert Bob joseph Shimanek
Sleeman, Bruce Bruce Sleeman
Smith, Warren
Snyder, John
Tauch, Carl FredrickCarl Frederick Tauch
Tavernini, Lawrence
Theriault, Paul W. Paul Theriault
Thomas, William William Thomas
Thoren, Rudolf L. Rudolf L Rudy Thoren
Thoren, Theodore R.
Tikkanen, HenryHenry William Tikkanen
Tippett, Dewey Bengry Dewey Bengry Tippett
Tippett, Thomas DeanThomas Dean Tippett
Toumela, Clyde
Trembath, Harry E. Harry E Trembath
Tuohimaa, William William Tuohimaa
Varvil, Dana Vane Dana Vane Varvil
Velin, Robert Charles Robert Charles Velin
Vinge, ClarenceClarence Vinge
Voegtline, William A. Tony Voegtline
Wahtera, Kim
Watson Jr., Edward Clement & Elsie Grace Edward Clement Watson Jr.
Watson, Charles Charles F Watson
Whittier, Mark Twain Mark Twain Whittier
Wiitala, Eero A. Eero A Wiitala
Wilson Jr., Paul A. Paul F A Wilson Jr.
Wilson, Sigurd O. Sigurd O Sig Wilson
Windsand, Ray Ray Windsand
Young, Robert
Zerbel, William